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Certified for Lightning Connector for iPhone 5/S, 6/S, 6+/S, iPad 3 and higher charging (30 pin connector for older models available)


Certified for Micro USB connector for Android, Blackberry, Windows Compatible Phones and Tablet quick charging.


10 Port
10 port charging station / 10 battery chargers to allow multiple customers charge their phones and tablets while they wait.


Rapid Charge
Battery dongle provides rapid charging of Device. 50% discharge to device ~30 minutes. Full discharge in just over 1 hour.
We are beyond excited to offer the RAP Charge system in our restaurant. The business crowd we have especially later in the day is so appreciative that we offer a solution for their dying phone that allows them to keep the device in their hands. Great product!
Capital Grille - Dallas, TX, 1 of 3
RAP Charge has been a game changer for us on the service side. Our customers are completely ecstatic that we offer a charging solution that does not limit them being tethered to the wall. No question it brings people back!
Twin Peaks - Addison, TX , 2 of 3
Very cool idea…we are so proud to offer this convenience to our customer. Before we had RAP Charge, our staff would plug phones in at various locations around the restaurant which was not the ideal solution. PROBLEM SOLVED!
Whiskey Cake - Plano, TX , 3 of 3



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