Portable External Battery Charger

Expand your customer loyalty and brand recognition with our portable external battery charger. external-mobile -charger-rap_chargeAs a business owner, you need to make relentless efforts to differentiate your business from competitors to retain customers and our external battery charger does the job precisely.

A drained smartphone can simply shorten your customer’s visit and compel them to leave hastily. However, availability of an external battery charger can change the scenario and they can continue to enjoy your services without any hassle. This will also help in spreading the word about your location attracting more customers.

As a restaurant or bar owner, you do not want to take responsibility of your customer’s gadgets while they are plugged in. No need to fret as our external battery charger does not need to be plugged and your patrons can use their gadgets while they charge.

Our external battery charger can charge rapidly upto 50% in just about 30 minutes to make way for new customers.

Shop online our assorted range of external battery charger to expand your customer base!

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External Battery Charger To Maximize ROI

Increase your returns on investment as your customers are likely to spend additional time in your restaurant rather than worrying about their smartphones. After the buzz has been created about your restaurant providing external battery charger, it can become their go-to place during lunch hours or night outs while they want to charge their phones.

portable phone charger

Our external battery charger also improves your online presence. More people check for online reviews before they decide to pick a restaurant or bar. Increase your chances of getting good reviews online when you provide additional services to your customers.

In public places such as hospitals, waiting rooms are often filled with visitors. These visitors have no source of entertainment apart from indulging in their smartphones which often leave them stranded once the battery dies. By offering them external battery charger, you can gain the appreciation and recognition for your brand.

What more? You can also lend our external battery charger to your customers or visitors on hourly or daily basis at a nominal fee.  Our external battery charger helps to recover your investment in a minimal amount of time.

External Battery Charger for Every Gadget

Our external battery charger supports all major brands and models of smartphones and tablets such as Apple, Android or Windows. Why spend unnecessarily on additional plug ins when our external battery charger can charge upto 10 gadgets at a time.

Our products are made from superior quality components so you can be rest assured that your devices will be completely safe. We are a world leader in providing portable charging solutions to a variety of industries. Our years of experience has enabled us to put forward our best products at competitive prices clients across different industry verticals.

At RAP Charge, we understand the need of your business so we offer a faster turnaround whether your order is bulk or standard. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or feedback.

Our External Battery Charger is a comprehensive solution for all your charging needs!

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