Portable Phone Charger For All Mobile Brands

Mobile chargerDo you dread finding a dead mobile phone as you have to make an urgent call? Well, then a portable phone charger ought to be on the top of your list to carry with all the time.

Whether you’re driving to work or off for vacation to far flung areas, having a portable mobile charger by your side could save you from all the troubles.

Just plug in your charging lead in the port, and it’s a matter of handful of hours to get your mobile phone all alive to use. Prolonged use of mobile phones can drain out battery life of any brand.

Given growing necessity of mobile phones in personal or professional life, we ought to have a portable phone charger to keep it going.

Whether it is for personal or business, we boast of our charging solutions that effortlessly support a wide spectrum of usage. Robust and compact, the multi-port charging station allows more than one user to power mobile phone within a couple of hours.

You can either opt for 4-port or 10-port portable phone charger to meet your regular needs. However, if you wish to have expansive charging solutions, then out customer support team is your ideal resort.

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Explore our products to get the portable phone charger for your handheld electronic devices. Affordable and efficient, our consortium of portable mobile chargers is indeed worth putting your money on.

Escape all the inconvenience that tug along with a virtually dead mobile phone with Rap Charge!


Portable Phone Charger For All Mobiles

Portable Phone Charger for Mobile

Market is flooded with numerous mobile brands, and it has only encouraged us to come out with charging solutions that fit in for all.

Whether you have Apple, Android, Blackberry or any other mobile phone, we have a portable phone charger to revive your fast-discharging mobile phone.

Robust and compact, the portable mobile charger offers seamless charging to your mobile phones without exhausting much of your time. Even if you’re working, it is safe to connect with our portable mobile charger for sustained usage.

All the portable chargers are quality tested in order to offer nothing short of the best performance to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Contact us to know more about our portable phone chargers or shop online with us to save your valuable time and get your chosen portable mobile charger.


Portable mobile charger: A Quick Glance Over Features

  • 10 port charging station.
  • Micro USB connector for Android, Blackberry, Windows Compatible Phones and Tablet charging
  • Lightning Connector for iPhone 7, 7+, 6/S, 6+/S, 5/S, iPad 3 and higher charging (30 pin connector for older models available)
  • Battery dongle provides rapid charging. Typically, 50% discharge to device ~30 minutes. Full discharge to device in just over an hour
  • LED indicators on both dongle and charging station indicate charging and remaining capacity


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If you have made up your mind after exploring all the options, get in touch with us to buy a portable mobile charger of your choice. We are open to discuss charging solutions beyond our standard catalogue of products as well for your commercial needs.

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