Compact design and portable for charging even during device use!

  • 10 port charging station / 10 battery chargers/dongles
  • Micro USB connector for Android, Blackberry, Windows Compatible Phones and Tablet charging
  • Lightning Connector for iPhone 7, 7+, 6/S, 6+/S, 5/S, iPad 3 and higher charging (30 pin connector for older models available)
  • Battery dongle provides rapid charging. Typically, 50% discharge to device ~30 minutes. Full discharge to device in just over an hour
  • LED indicators on both dongle and charging station indicate charging and remaining capacity
For additional information about our Rap Charge system for your business, please visit our contact us page.
  • Hospitality specific uses: Hotels/Resorts, Bars, Restaurants, Casinos, Entertainment Venues.
  • Differentiate from competition and provide a reason for customer to repeat business at your establishment.
  • Patrons rely on their portable devices and want them charged and ready for use.
  • Hospitality staff and servers get repeated requests for power outlets for patron use. Establishment does not want the responsibility when phone is left to charge (possible accidental spill) or repeated requests from customer to see their device during charging for missed texts and emails.
  • RAP CHARGE batteries allow patrons to keep their portable device in their possession while charging.
  • In open/public areas, a credit card is authorized for $30 and released when charger is returned. A driver’s license can also be held as a form of collateral.
  • Cost of adding additional electrical outlets to charge devices outweighs cost of RAP CHARGE station.

Technical Information

  • Charger Input: 110V AC, 50/60Hz Output: DC 4.3V, 10A
  • Charger Operating Temperature: 0C – 45C
  • Battery: 3000mAh, 3.62V / Input: DC 4.2V, 1.8A / DC 5V, 2.1A
  • Battery Operating Temperature: -20C – 60C
  • Charging time: < 2 hours
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs
  • Regulatory Standards: CE, FCC, KCC
  • Size: 5.0 in x 8.5 inx 1.5 in


Download the Rap Charge Information Sheet
Download the Rap Charge Spec Sheet